Pray for Turkey and Syria

Pray for Turkey and Syria

Pray for Turkey and Syria

Earthquake Response: Turkey and Syria

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Among the deadliest earthquakes globally within the last decade and with a rising death toll currently sitting at 17,000, The Alliance Canada is working diligently to find ways to bring relief to those impacted in Turkey and Syria. Our role in disaster response has not typically involved us being on the ground in the search and rescue phase. Still, even as that goes on, we are mobilizing resources and partnerships to get help where needed. Access to the regions is difficult either because of current weather conditions, as in Turkey or because access has always been difficult, and the current disaster exacerbates that difficulty.

We are sending in funds to some of our workers in Turkey, who can then help direct the money to a place that can use it immediately. Those who are in the affected area and want to help are often victims themselves; it will take a little bit for systems of help and support to be functional. Currently, three local churches in different parts of the affected areas in Turkey are setting up communications and assistance stations to help those in their area, and we will be supporting them.

We are engaged with Alliance World Fellowship (AWF) globally and with specific member churches like Hong Kong Alliance Mission, CAMA Services US, a Peruvian Alliance worker, and the Emerald region of the AWF. We are also trying to form partnerships with others with connections on the ground and with whom we trust.

Our initial responses will be widespread with smaller partnerships as we start covering as much ground as possible in these early days.

Pray for those affected.

You are undoubtedly watching the news and have a sense of how devastating this is and how the cold weather is compounding the suffering.

Because of your previous generosity, we already have funds on hand to get us started, and if you would like to participate further, you can contribute here: