Finance Tips and Resources

JAN 2023 PDF - Financial Controls in Small Offices

FEB 2023 PDF - Funding Non-Qualified Donees

MAR 2023 PDF - How to set up a MyBusinessAccount

MAR 2023 PDF - Honorariums_ Paying and Reporting Them Properly

APR 2023 PDFDonor Restricted Gift Policy

APR 2023 PDF - Grants to Non-Qualified Donees

MAY 2023 PDF - What is An Audit


Benefits News

FEB 2023 PDF - Dental Fees Increase 2023

WCD finance email addresses to direct your inquiries, payments, and invoices: ​

     Health Benefits      
     Deposits/Donations (e-transfer using this email address)
     General inquiries   

Accounts Receivable:
     Deposits/Donations can be sent via e-transfer to or by cheque mailed to
     333-30 Springborough Blvd. SW, Calgary, AB, T3H 0N9​

Luisa Castiblanco

Finance Manager

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Ethan White

Financial Analyst

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Raymond Cheung

Financial Assistant